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Art in ActionArt in Action offers an eclectic mix of workshops, lectures, master classes, films, symposia, and collaborations with the world class artists that comprise the UCLA Live season. Designed to extend and supplement the intellectual and cultural life of the university, Art in Action provides a forum for members of the UCLA and Los Angeles communities to interact with artists, exchange and express ideas, and participate in hands-on arts activities and events.

Feb 29, 2012 - MothSHOP Master Class for UCLA Students!
10/14/2010 - YES MEN: Film and Workshops!

Free screening of the Sundance hit, The Yes Men Fix the World. The film follows the outrageous pranks of two gonzo political activists. Free ticket give-away to their show at Royce Hall on October 14! 
Where: October 11 at 7:30pm, James Bridges Theater.  Tickets are free, go to My UCLA to make a reservation.  For more info:


--Yes Men lead a hands-on workshop for Creative Activism. Open to all members of the university community. Students not enrolled in class welcome to observe. 
Where: October 14, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Glorya Kaufman Hall, Room 208.
--Discussion/Q&A with the Yes Duo. Students not enrolled in class welcome to observe.
Where: October 15, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m, McGowan Hall, Room 1350.
10/21/2010 - Helios Dance Theater - Master Class

Master Class

L.A. based Helios Dance Theater will lead a master class for intermediate and advanced level dancers. Free and open to UCLA students and the community.

October 21, 5:00 – 6:30 pm, Royce Rehearsal Studio. Participation is open but limited, please email for info and to reserve a space.

Post Performance Discussion

Join the creative team of
Beautiful Monsters for a discussion and Q&A immediately following the performance

10/28/2010 - Free For UCLA Live Patrons! An Evening With Dave Eggers! 8:00 pm at Royce Hall
In conjunction with the UCLA Common Book program UCLA Live, SCA (Student Committee for the Arts) and ORL (Office of Residential Life) present an evening with award-winning author, Dave Eggers. Dave will discuss his book Zeitoun, and answer questions from a student panel. Tickets are free to UCLA students, staff and faculty with a Bruin Card, and can be picked up at Central Ticket Office (CTO).
October 28, Royce Hall @ 8:00  For questions call: 310-983-1369.

Click to reserve tickets!

Additional Activity

Dave will meet with students for an informal Discussion/Q&A at 4:30 on the 28th.  No tickets necessary - first come-first served. Glorya Kaufman Theater, Kaufman Hall, 2nd Floor. 

Click here for more cool programs linked to the themes from ZEITOUN!
11/2/2010 - Music/Movement Workshops: Gamelan Cudamani!

The exhilarating ensemble from Bali conduct two hands-on movement/music workshops for the UCLA community. Space permitting, students not enrolled in class are welcome to observe.
Participation is open but limited, please email for info and to reserve a space.
Where: November 2, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Glorya Kaufman Theatre
Where: November 2, 6-8 pm, Schoenberg Hall, Gamelan Room #1659
2/22/2011 - John Waters: Real Time Film Commentary!
                                  Film Screening w/Commentary: A Dirty Shame

Screening of the cult classic with live, real-time commentary by John Waters.
 This is a free, UCLA student only event, you must have a Bruin card to enter.  
February 22 @ 8:00pm Haines Hall, Rm. 39 

3/11/2011 - Stephen Petronio Dance Company: Master Class
Post Performance Discussion
Join Stephen Petronio
for a discussion and Q&A immediately following the performance:

Friday, March 11

Master Class
Company members will lead a master class for intermediate and advanced level dancers. Free and open to UCLA students and the community.

March 9, 4:30 – 6:00pm, Royce Rehearsal Studio. Participation is open but limited, please email for info and to reserve a space.

4/9/2011 - UCLA Live Poetry Contest!

In celebration of National Poetry Month and the upcoming engagement of Billy Collins and Kay Ryan at Royce Hall, UCLA Live is sponsoring a poetry contest!

All winners receive a pair of tickets to Collins/Ryan at Royce Hall on April 23, 2011

1st Prize

$100 Gift Certificate to Book Soup, and your poem read by the poets on the night of the event

2nd Prize

$75 Gift Certificate to Book Soup, and your poem recognized as a 2nd place winner

3rd Prize

$50 Gift Certificate to Book Soup, and your poem recognized as a 3rd  place winner

Only unpublished poetry may be submitted, work that has appeared online, or has been accepted for publication in any form is considered to have been previously published and should not be submitted. 

One entry per person. Limit 2 pages.

Submit entries in word or pdf files at:

Submission Deadline:  Midnight: April 8, 2011

4/17/2011 - Third Annual David Sedaris Humor Writing Contest!

For UCLA Students!
First and second place entries win tix to Sedaris on April 27th.  For details, deadline info and to submit your story go to:
4/24/2011 - Poetry Contest Winners Announced!
Thanks to all who submitted poems, and
congratulations to the winners!

Below are the winning submissions
1st Place

There’ll come a time
When your child asks for a pet,
A cat, or a dog, a turtle or a fish.
You’ll say, “No, no, no!”
Knowing you’ll be the one

To buy the food
To clean up the hairballs
To pay the vet bills
To pick up strewn toilet paper
To stretch for the gritty litter
Behind the toilet.

There’ll come a time
When your kid brings home a kitten
(That his girlfriend has already named!)
You’ll say, “Oh, alright,”
Knowing you’ll be the one

To dangle the red ribbon
To sprinkle the catnip
To pet her impossibly white
Fur until her eyelids droop
To worry about traffic
To calendar boosters.

There’ll come a time
When she’s sick and swollen
And your son will want to drive
And will want to hold her weakened body
While her paw is shaved
And the needle eased in
And because your son is twenty-one
You’ll have to let him.

Bobbi Jacobsen
2nd Place

Signifying Something
Signifying Something
I am in a class full of idiots,
assigned to The Sound and the Fury,
and most of us are beginning to think the title
a fairly apt description.
Among us is the boy with the long greasy hair,
who wears black and spouts Ulysses with a stutter,
who thinks the nonsense is intentioned, who,
applauding Faulkner’s genius, won’t hear our underbreath whispers
that you can still smell spilt whiskey
on each page.

Among us too are the requisite several girls who never speak,
the requisite several boys who rarely show,
the boy from Baltimore who likes to think he’s Southern
since it lets him start sentences with
“Well, for me personally,
being from the South,
I think the symbolism of the
syllogism has a
very imagistic effect on the
heinous (pronounced hyenous)
if you get my meaning.”
There are some of us who scribble idle poetry
beneath our notes, which consist
of caricatures of some oddly morphed entity
like our teacher and like Faulkner, drunken and drooling.
There’s the graduate assistant who sits on his nervous hands
to keep them from volunteering intelligence
into this fog of stupidity, and
on top of it all, there’s the hotshot teacher hired for fame
who wouldn’t know the difference
between a student and a dog
if it bit her.

And I’m tired.
Tired of the lack of punctuation,
of the sentences endless and thick as forests,
of the time travel crammed between two words.
I’m tired of humoring a cocky writer who assumed
I would do the work required to understand,
when my reward for understanding
is deeper knowledge of depressing, sadistic, masochistic, misogynistic,
abused, abusive, apathetic,
idiotic, incestuous,
cultish characters for whom I never cared,
though now I harbor some resentment
that (for me personally, being from the South) so much of the world
thought they represented so much of the South
for so long.

And outside the spring is passing away
like an unfortunate Yoknapatawphan,
and Quentin on the page keeps saying
and i temporary,
and I know that wasting my mornings in this class is a temporary burden,
but its end is the end of all other wonderful wastes
I’ve been privy to, as a student at this esteemed institution,
when in the middle of the muck of Quentin’s id I find the phrase
you cannot bear to think that someday it will no longer hurt you like this.

“Why does Quentin kill himself?”
the teacher asks, in a voice bright as bleach,
as if she didn’t think it were a stupid question
aimed at a dayroom full of vegetables.
There is silence,
as there always is,
but not because, as she thinks, we didn’t read the book
or were born with pigeon brains.
In one moment of silence I read volumes more than Faulkner ever wrote; it says
we do not speak because we each have an answer,
and each is correct,
and each is reason enough for Quentin to call it quits,
and each is our own secret reason—
my father, my mother, will never understand;
I will never attain my object of desire;
I am motheaten by my secrets;
no one, not even me, truly knows who I am.

I know my answer is on the last page of Quentin’s life,
so since it has weakly to do with the book,
I martyr myself, and raise my hand.
“He cannot bear to think that someday it will no longer hurt him like this.”

“Elaborate,” she says.

Katherine Thompson
3rd Place

String Theory No Joke
A string walks into a bar.
A huge crowd has gathered.
Before him the bartender
places a plastic red basket
of hot wings and cheese toast.
The string breathes in, then sighs,
blesses the food.
Cocktail waitresses pass it out.
Even the hecklers eat,
they taunt the string,
they sneer,
"If you come from the cosmic net,
then weave us a miracle,
a blanket that brings back the dead,
or fly a kite into the parallel universe.
Here, take these soup cans,
stretch yourself between them,
take one to heaven,
set the other one on the bar
so we can listen
to the voice of God.

Yvonne Estrada
5/6/2011 - BOLD ARTS EVENT!

Go to and make your BOLD statement!
5/7/2011 - Lucinda Childs Master Class!
Master Class
Company member Ty Boomershine will lead a master class with live drumming accompaniment.  Suitable for intermediate and advanced level dancers, free and open to UCLA students and the community.

Where: Saturday: May 7, 11:00am – 12:30pm, Royce Rehearsal Studio. Participation is open but limited, please email for info on parking and to reserve a space.
Doors open at 10:30 for warm-ups, class begins promptly at 11:00. 
10/20/2011 - Hofesh Shechter Company: Activities With The Artists!
Post Performance Discussion
Join Hofesh Shechter
for a discussion and Q&A immediately following the performance:

Wednesday, October 19

Master Class
Company members will lead a master class for intermediate and advanced level dancers. Free and open to UCLA students and the community.

October 20, 1:00 – 3:00pm, Glorya Kaufman Dance Theatre. Participation is open to non-class members but limited, please email for info.

Choreographer Hofesh Shechter and musical director Yaron Engler will discuss and demonstrate the company’s unique musical process. Free and open to UCLA students not enrolled in the class, seating is limited, email for info.
October 20, 11am – 1pm Schoenberg Hall


 The 2011 UCLA Common Book


Sponsored By
UCLA Live, UCLA ORL, Student Committee for the Arts

11/2/2011 - Rebecca Skloot: Additional Activity with the Artist!
Participate in an intimate discussion about writing and the creative process with Rebecca Skloot, award-winning novelist and UCLA professor Mona Simpson, and Dr. Lee Goodglick, Director of the UCLA IMED Seminar Series.

4:00 Neuroscience Research Building  Auditorium
no reservations necessary


The Negro Problem's

"Portable L.A. Headspace"

Stew—L.A. indie rocker, Tony-award winner and leader of afro-baroque band The Negro Problem and his longtime creative partner Heidi Rodewald kickoff their residency at UCLA Live with this free event at the Hammer. Teacher/composer/writer and KPFK DJ Barry Smolin join Stew and Heidi for an unpredictable evening about memory, the creative process and living in Los Angeles. 

Hammer Museum, Billy Wilder Theater
10899 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90024-4343
Get Directions

Do you have opinions about Los Angeles?  A strong impression or memory?  Share your thoughts, or tell us what Stew and Heidi have missed since leaving L.A. in 2004.
Upload Here!
Your memory or impression may be used as material for The Negro Problem's L.A. song cycle that is being created for the performance at Royce Hall on Fri, Mar 9.

All Hammer Public Programs Are Free!
Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Hammer members receive priority seating, subject to availability. Reservations not accepted, RSVPs not required.  Parking is available under the museum for $3 after 6:00pm.
Info: 310.443-7000

1/31/2012 - Answer the question...
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